Software I once wrote

Most of my software can be found on my github account. I have hundreds of minor contributions to various projects. This is because if something isn’t working in the software I use, I fix it and contribute back to the community as a thanks for developing the software in the first place. For example, I’ve submitted many patches to the Yesod web framework on github.

Some of my repositories on github are actual projects with me as the main developer. Here are some favorites

The Motion Grammar (2013)

During my year abroad at Georgia Tech (2012-2013) I joined the Humanoid Robotics lab, golems. I worked on a project called the Motion Grammar, it uses a formal language approach to robot control. The idea is to control the robot by “executing” a context-free grammar in real time. My contribution to their codebase was an improved parser. This required comparing the modern parsers and analyzing which parser best withstands the demands of real time robot control. We produced a workshop abstract that can be found in the publications section of this website.

To show that the parser generator works correctly, I generated two proof of concept parsers. One running in simulation and one that I uploaded to real hardware.

Very old projects

Here are some projects I created before I started to use github. While these projects might be poorly coded, they testify that my passion for programming existed long before I started my university studies.

Babuschka Engine (2008)

An AI for the old board game Babuschka. To improve the game play of my engine, I took a Machine Learning approach and let the computer play millions of games against itself with different parameters to find the optimal parameter configuration. Back then I had no idea what Machine Learning was though! Downloads are in the project page.

LBA Image Creator (2007)

Tool for modifying the in-game images for the old adventure game Little Big Adventure. The program includes both a GUI and an image processing module. This was the first time I read a theoretical description of an algorithm, implemented it, and then analyzed its results. Check out the project page

Car Game (2004)

A simple computer game which I created myself in Delphi 7 around the age of 13. Here is a screenshot of the game.